Take Responsibility and Recover your Debt

JJ Harmse is a well know Debt Collection Company that has a full process of collecting all unpaid debt, we can recover your debt! No matter how old your debtor may be the company is committed to collecting even the oldest debt your company might have. So instead of writing off debts as uncollectable, allow us to recover that debt and boost the financial status of your company.

JJ Harmse has 3 departments that deal with different kinds of debts in different ways. All the experts hired to work in the different departments have extreme knowledge and experience in the type of debt and how to collect that specific kind of debt efficiently. Our main focus is to bring back nothing but financial returns to the company.

The pre legal and legal department’s deal with the most difficult type of debts, we normally call that debt “bad debt” or “uncollectable debt”. This debt is normally older than 300 days, and is the hardest debt to collect. JJ Harmse and Associates urges you to take responsibility today and get back the debt owed to you with our reliable, legal and professional services.

What do you have to lose? Instead of just writing off all you bad debts, let us achieve the highest debt recover rate you will ever experience. Approaching a decade of experience JJ Harmse are the best debt collectors in the industry.

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