Our Debt Collection Services – A trained workforce!

Debt collection can be a very strenuous job. You might that some debtors are very irate and will drop the phone on you. This is why it is very important to have highly trained stuff to face these kinds of challenges and still have the ability to achieve the required results. At JJ Harmse and Associates we pride our self in providing quality debt collection services. Our debt division has been to into three divisions according to the age of the debt…

We make use of internal and external tracing agents to source out absconding debtors.  We then have our telephonic collectors who are highly trained in debt collection. Their task is to call debtors and remind them of the outstanding arrears. If and only if the telephonic collector does not get through to the defaulter, then the case is escalated to our legal division.

Recovering outstanding arrears can result in legal action being taken against the debtor. Boasting a qualified staff in our pre-legal department has made easy to track down people who owe our clients. To be able to deal with problematic people, our debt collection workforce is well trained and always abide by our code of ethics. Instilled with a sense of integrity, all of our workers are principled and disciplined in the art of debt overdue collections.  Working with such sensitive information can result is leaking of classified information. Our company staff is taught to provide and preserve confidentiality for all of our clients at all times.

The biggest setback many credit providers have struggled with is obtaining results and reliability from debt collecting companies. JJ Harmse and Associates is built on the foundation of efficiency and getting results when it matters, especially from our legal division. Their mandate is to work closely with our affiliated attorneys to be able to issue out any possible remedies, such as garnishee orders and other debt collection options. This just makes our services above excellent as on the of the most recognised debt collection agencies in South Africa.


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