Have a substantial amount of debts collected in the New Year!

As we say goodbye to yet another year, people are getting their 13th cheques as well as their annual bonuses. Some of the people that owe you are benefitting from the year ending. JJ Harmse and Associates has reliable call centre agents who are well trained to take advantage of these financial facts in the business environment.

JJ Harmse and Associates has systems in place that trace absconded debtors and bring them to book; debtors who are still employed but just refuse to settle the accounts they have with your company. Assemble all these debtors, hand them over to the professional debt collectors and benefit from having your debtors settle their accounts this year. This will not only make a huge difference in your company’s cash flow or return on investment, but will give your company the confidence to continue trading with credit arrangements in the New Year.

We encourage companies to take advantage of our professional services, it really doesn’t matter if the debtors are 0 to 3 months in arrears or they are old debtors. The fact is that these people owe you money and most of them can afford to settle their debts, especially this time of the year.   

We want to see your company benefit as individuals are towards the end of each year, so make a clever choice by partnering with a company that is really committed to seeing financial change in your business. Call JJ Harmse and Associates and see your company’s financial improvement today.


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