Current Debt Division

JJ Harmse and Associates has a current debt division which specialises in telephonic debt collection.

A current debt is normally debt which is between 30 – 300 days old. In this division debt is collected telephonically (whereby the debtor pays into a provided Banking Account), or by personal visit to the debtor (whereby a collector will collect cash personally and deposit same into the Banking Account).

The telephonic collector makes contact with the debtor and explains that the debt is overdue and requires immediate payment to prevent further legal action. The debtor is informed that he/she is in arrears, and has an obligation to pay the arrears debt within a prescribed time limit. The debtor is informed that in the event that he/she fails, neglects or refuses to pay the arrears, legal action will be taken to recover the arrears and the collector explains all the rights of the credit provider and that of the debtor.


If you would like to make use of the services of our current (soft) debt division, please Contact Us.


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