A Trained Workforce that will Collect your Debt

JJ Harmse is a very well known debt collection company that has multiple processes to ensure all your debtors will at one point or another pay you what rightfully belongs to you.

A carefully structured process of collecting different kinds of debt has been implemented and through this structure we have become the most reliable debt collecting company in the country. With commitment and 4 decades of debt collecting experience we will ensure that we go the extra mile to ensure your balance books show an income rather than financial loss.

The company is divided into 3 major divisions that deal with different kinds of debts in different but similarly efficient ways.

Firstly we have the current (soft) division that specialises in debt that is 30-300 days old. In this department a team of professional call centre agents call the debtors informing them professionally the state of the their debt, explaining the consequences they will face if they don’t pay the debt and make payment arrangements for the debtor to start paying their debts.

Secondly we have the Pre-legal debt division that specialises in collecting debt that is 300 days and older. In this department telephonic collections take place; there might be voluntary arrangements with debtors to reposes products for the good of your company as well as the debtor.

The third and last process called the legal division collectsdebt of any age, and acts on uncooperative debtors. Legal measures are placed to retrieve the debt, for example: garnishee orders and summons sent to the debtors on your behalf.

Monitoring and collecting debt from debtors can be a daunting, expensive and long process for any company, therefore why not hand over this process to experts? JJ Harmse has procedures in place that work when collecting any type of debt.

Contact us and find out how you can use our professional services. JJ Harmse and Associates we specialise in professional debt collecting. 

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