Debt Collection Services

Let Us Take The Hassle Out Of Debt Collection:

When it comes to expert debt collection services in South Africa, JJ Harmse & Associates has earned a reputation as one of the best.

If you are in need of these services, it is important to consider a few points before deciding on a partner to assist in recovering what is owed to you.

This is why you should consider JJ Harmse & Associates for debt collection:

Our Debt Collection Services – A Trained Workforce

We have carefully constructed a process of debt collection that enables us to recover various kinds of debts. We also have a full support system, with various divisions catering for debt ranging from 30 days to well over 300 days.

Constant Monitoring

Taking on the admin of tracking debt and payments can be daunting. However, with our above-mentioned structures in place, we can ensure that debt payments are followed up regularly. This management promotes regular payment and will allow you to start recovering debts almost immediately.

Experience and Track Record

We have over 40 years of combined debt collection experience, while our focus on maintaining top recovery rates has seen us enjoy tremendous growth over the years. We now have over 50 dedicated staff members and have established ourselves as a preferred debt collection agency in South Africa.

For more information on any of our services, contact a consultant now and they will provide further assistance.

Have a substantial amount of your debts collected in the New Year!

As we say goodbye to yet another year, people are getting their 13th cheques as well as their annual bonuses. Some of the people that owe you are benefitting from the year ending. JJ Harmse and Associates has reliable call centre agents who are well trained to take advantage of these financial facts in the business environment. more…

A trained workforce that will collect all your debt on your behalf!

JJ Harmse is a very well known debt collection company that has multiple processes to ensure all your debtors will at one point or another pay you what rightfully belongs to you.

A carefully structured process of collecting different kinds of debts has been implemented and through this structure we have become the most reliable debt collecting company in the country. With commitment and 4 decades of debt collecting experience we will ensure that we go the extra mile to ensure your balance books show an income rather than financial loss. more…

Is it fair to issue a garnishee order to reclaim arrears owed to you?

Many of us have experienced the frustration of not being able to get our money or goods back from another person or party that we lent it to in the first place. This kind of scenario varies greatly and can be as simple as a private loan of goods or money from one person to another or between a financial institution and an individual who the financial institution lends money to.

Another situation, perhaps one of the most common of all, is where a retail chain or similar institution sells goods to customers on credit. The general agreement being that the person buying these goods on credit agrees to repay the amount plus interest in good time (a predetermined period of time). more…

Take responsibility and get back all the debt owed to you

JJ Harmse is a well know debt Collection Company that has a full process of collecting all unpaid debt. No matter how old your debtor may be the company is committed to collecting even the oldest debt your company might have. So instead of writing off debts as uncollectable, allow us to recover that debt and boost the financial status of your company.

JJ Harmse has 3 departments that deal with different kinds of debts in different ways. All the experts hired to work in the different departments have extreme knowledge and experience in the type of debt and how to collect that specific kind of debt efficiently. Our main focus is to bring back nothing but financial returns to the company. more…

Don’t Battle to Collect What is Rightfully Yours

Financial institutions are battling to reclaim the money owed to them, whether it was money they loaned to customers or goods and services offered on credit. The agreement different companies have with these clients is that the money owed will be repaid to the company, with certain terms and conditions, over a certain period of time.

What happens when a customer just doesn’t comply with the agreement and decides that they can’t follow through with payments? The company automatically experiences a loss. With increasing monthly write-off percentages lenders can soon find themselves in hot water, experiencing compounding losses which negatively impacts the company’s revenue. more…

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